February 7, 2004

Import Motion

Cal Expo Center

Sacramento, California

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya



Created: 2/7/2004
Last updated: 2/7/2004


Well, I decided to go to another car show with some new mods that I installed on my TT. I just installed the following since the last show:

1) 1999 J-spec Xenon Headlights

2) J-spec shift knob

3) J-spec shift boot

4) J-spec e-brake boot

5) Chrome gauge rings

6) Carbon Fiber Amplifier garnish

7) Rear clear corner lenses

I know that I didn't have a chance to win anything, but to be able to hear all of the compliments about my Z and be able to share my experiences with others was motivation enough for me. These are some of the most common comments made:

1) How the heck do you work on that thing?

2) There is no room in there for anything.

3) It's nice to see a nice car other than a Honda or Acura.

4) Your car is so clean.


    Some of the cars present while we were waiting for admission. The Saturn, VW, and Civic in the above pictures had full hydraulics and were showing them off. Not my cup of tea IMHO.

My Z of course in her J-spec glory. Wasn't good enough to win best JDM because as it was explained by my judge, a JDM winner best represents a JDM car which is completely stock. It captures the spirit of the car as available in Japan. Oh well, my award came from meeting people who appreciated my car and my hard work in getting her to where she is now. As you can tell, my car is a daily driver so my car does have imperfections. For those of you who have been following the buildup of my car, in the last few pictures, you can see my new J-spec shift knob, shift boot, e-brake boot, chrome gauge rings, and custom fabricated carbon fiber amplifier garnish. Glenn and I spent a lot of time in making this piece. I did the initial measuring, cutting, and smoothing out of the piece and Glenn handled the carbon fiber laminating duties.

Chester and his Drag Z. What else can I say about this car except that is one awesome adrenaline pumping machine. Many people came by and were in awe of the big T-66 turbo and it's 1/4 mile numbers... 11.1 second without nitrous and mid to high 10s with nitrous. If you would like more information on this Drag Z, please check out the link on my homepage. It's also for sale so email me if you are interested and I can send you more information.


Nissan Skyline R-33 GTS-t


    Nissan Skylines.

    Veilside NA

    Brian Shultis' NA. This won several awards at Import Revolution.

Lamborghini Diablo VT




Honda and Acuras

    Beautiful Acura NSX







Trucks and Suvs

These were some of the cars that were displayed outdoors.

Miscellaneous pictures.


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