All Datsun/Nissan Weekend at Thunderhill Raceway and Mt. Shasta July 14-17, 2005

Created: 7/18/2005
Last updated: 7/19/2005

Yes, it is that time of year again. It's the annual Datsun/Nissan weekend at Thunderhill Raceway located in Willows, CA and the Ski Lodge at Mt. Shasta, CA. This is our yearly pilgrimage that takes us to a world renowned racetrack for a high performance driving school and then a picturesque trek north for driving events and a car show that has the beautiful Mt. Shasta as a backdrop. This event is organized and run by none other than Dennis and Peggy Hale of the Norcal UFO with the help of large number of volunteers. It is because of their tireless planning and organization that we are able to participate in all of these events at a very reasonable price.

The schedule was as follows:

Wednesday night: tech session for participants and registration.

Thursday: HPDS (High Performance Driving School) at Thunderhill.

Friday: Mt. Shasta Poker Run, Gymkhana, and Dinner.

Saturday: Mt. Shasta Car show, Autocross I, Awards banquet.

Sunday: Autocross II.

The HPDS event at Thunderhill Raceway on Thursday, July 14, 2005, was attended by Datsuns, Nissans, along with other vehicle makes. Several of us had a chance to test out the new permanent covered structure installed this year. It was about 102 degrees outside and having this shade to hide in and park our cars saved many of us from the discomfort of the summertime sun. All I can say is that I look forward to this event every year because it is all about good times with a bunch of dedicated car nuts like myself. I think that everyone should try driving an HPDS at least once in their life.

    Where we all hung out in the shade out of reach of the brutal sun.

My car in all her blue tape glory. Can't have rock chips, right?

    Salah's pristine TT with the blue tape treatment. I think I started a fad. ;-)

    William's wide-bodied Scarab 240Z.

    Random shots of my car next to William's.

    Scott's sport 700 equipped TT.

    Craig's track TT.

    Donna's twin turbocharged 350Z.

    Z Car Garage customer's 350Z.

    Donna's R-34 Skyline GT-R.

    Alvin's suh-weet SR20DE powered Roadster.

    Clean LS-1 powered 240Z.

    Some of the other cars in attendance.

    This is what happens when you blow a tire, park it on the side of the road, leave it to find a replacement tire, and then the car gets hit by someone at speed who fell asleep at the wheel. The car still fires up though. It just won't go anywhere.

    The hot pit area.

    Peggy instructing us how to cut apexes, pass safely, and have fun.

Lunch time at the track.

    Group shots in the hot pit area after lunch.

    Here I am tearing it up on the track.

Salah tearing up the track and knocking over apex and chicane cones. ;-) Actually, he did knock some cones over but he is one of the better drivers out there who knows no fear. I can't believe how hard he gets on the brakes and how late he punches them. Just goes to show that a Z32 can be a great track car if properly prepped.

Some other cars on the track.

    After a long, hot, and tiring day at the track, we took a brief respite for lunch and then some picture whoring before jumping on the road for the long ride to Mt. Shasta.

Day 2 Festivities

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