All Datsun/Nissan Weekend at Thunderhill Raceway and Mt. Shasta July 14-17, 2005

Created: 7/18/2005
Last updated: 7/19/2005

Here are some pictures from Day 2 of the All Datsun/Nissan event. It was very hot out here. It wasn't quite as hot as Willows but the average temperatures hovered around 90+ degrees. This was an absolute about face from last year. Last year, it was in the 70s with occasional showers. I guess, the weather wanted to get back at us for having it too easy last year.

Today's festivities included the Poker Run and the Gymkhana. The Poker Run involved navigating a predetermined route through town and up the mountain to acquire poker cards that were strategically placed. We started off with one card at the Ski Lodge, proceeded to acquire 3 additional cards on the route, and then picking up the fifth and final card when we returned to the Ski Lodge. To discourage cheating, 5 different decks of cards were used and each card represents something different so that no one could stack their own hands. Salah and I went on the poker run and we came up with fouth place.

The Gymkhana is actually a modified autocross event. It is a two person event involving a driver and co-pilot. The driver negotiates an autocross-style course as fast as possible while the passenger delivers styrofoam squares into 4 mailboxes placed throughout the course. The trick is to drive as quickly and smoothly as possible without slowing down and have the passenger accurately toss the "mail" into the mailboxes. Salah and I placed 2nd place in our class. Salah was the passenger and I was the driver. Of course, Salah will claim that he was robbed when he drove and I was the passenger, but oh well, at least we won something.

    Some pics of Mt. Shasta from the Ski Lodge. I used my Nikon D70 with a 70-300 mm zoom lens.

    Artistic shots in front of Mt. Shasta.

    Salah, are you trying to relieve yourself into my radiator?

    In line for the Poker Run.

    Some shots taken while driving in the Poker Run.

    Salah having fun with my side view mirror.

    Salah trying to sneak a picture of me busy at the controls.

    A beautiful SR20DE powered Roadster.

    Lynette's way too bright chartreuse colored 510. I just call it neon. Make sure that you don't call it green or she'll give you an earful.

    This picture goes to show you that the brightness messed with my autofocus on my digicam. ;-P

    What better way of showing how much you love your car than paint your toenails the same color.

    My car and Salah's car waiting for our chance at the Gymkhana.

    Some of the participants.

    It's Dan..... the Gallmeister.

    Lynette being the center of attention again.

    Salah showing off his inflate-a-muscles.

    Mark and John waiting for their shot at the best time.

    Here's the secret to our 2nd place. Pop open the T-top on the passenger side only (just so that the passenger will cook in the blistering heat) to allow the passenger to hang out the side of the window to effectively deliver the mail without slowing down.

    I'm trying to stay cool in the stifling heat.

    Yours truly, driving the course with Salah hanging out the window.

    Salah driving the Gymkhana and me delivering the mail.

   Scott Smith and Ashley running the Gymkhana.

    Mark and John hanging on during their session.

Donna and Ashley's sister tearing it up on the course.

    Some other participants.

Day 3 Car Show

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