Club Z Ultimate Z Weekend

Motorsport Z Car Nationals

Orange, CA

April 22-24, 2005

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


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Created: 4/23/2005
Last updated: 4/23/2005

Of course, this is another yearly tradition for Club Z. We headed down to SoCal for the10th annual  Motorsport Z Car Nationals in Orange, California. The whole weekend was planned around this show. The Club Z group included Abel, Betty, Chuck, Glenn, Jason, Kevin, Marty, Otto, Roddy, Robbie, Ron, Salah,  Sinat, and myself. Mike M. would join us for Saturday and Sunday. The weather was not very cooperative as it rained on Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning.

For Friday, we planned for the cruise down to SoCal together, lunch at our usual haunt, the Willow Ranch BBQ in Buttonwillow, visiting the NHRA Drag Racing Museum, and then checking into the hotel. Some of us went over to Mike Kojima's house to hang out and then have dinner.

For Saturday, we went on a cruise from the hotel, down South to Doheny Beach and then up North via the Pacific Coast Highway and then up towards Super Autobacs. If you haven't been to Super Autobacs, it's an automotive superstore that carries all kinds of stuff from car stereos to light bulbs, from wheels to exhaust kits, and lots of other car parts, upgrade parts, and hard to find items. After Super Autobacs, we grabbed lunch at Mimi's Diner. It was then time to go to Mike Kojima's house to wash our cars and shoot the breeze. We grabbed dinner at the Citrus Cafe where we hung out for the Motorsport Dinner Banquet.

For Sunday, we woke up extremely early to wait in line at Motorsport in Orange, CA. We got there around 6:15 AM and were one of the first ones there. Of course we were greeted by the rain. The rain lasted until about noon where it finally cleared up. We have never cleaned our cars so many times in one day. After the show was over, it was time for the long drive home to stew over memories from this weekend and look forward to the next Club Z social event.

The following pictures are from Day 1 (Friday) of UZW

Here's some pictures from our morning get-together before the drive.

    We were the early ones, myself in the Ultra Red J-spec TT of course, Chuck and Marty in the charcoal grey TT, and Ron in his Aztec Red TT.

    My Ultra Red J-spec whored TT.

    Chuck and Marty's JWT sport 500 powered Charcoal Grey TT.

    Ron's Aztec Red TT.

    Salah's Silver NA. Please give him grief because he refused to bring his pristine Aztec Red TT along for the trip. He was scared of rock chips, bugs, etc, even though he has invisible armor installed. Sheesh. Well, he had a hard time keeping up with us on the freeway even though we only drove about 75-80 MPH on the freeway. It's all his fault. ;-)

    Jason and Sinat's 2004 Infiniti Diamond Graphite 6MT G35 Coupe with the sport package, navigation package, and Brembo brakes.

    Some pictures from my rear and side view mirrors.

    Ron's TT.

    Chuck and Marty's TT.

    Jason and Sinat's G35.

    Abel and Betty's TT.

    Kevin's TT.

    Big brakes anyone? We affectionately call these BAMFBKs. If you don't know what that means, ask me. Abel's got 6 piston Willwoods and Kevin and I have the Porsche 993 Twin Turbo rotors and calipers.

    Parking lot of the Willow Ranch BBQ Restaurant.

    Shots of the group eating lunch.

    Abel's car sprung a leak from the clutch reservoir. That's why we pulled our cars around his car haphazardly. It almost looks like our cars are taunting the lone G35 coupe. Heh heh heh.

It was nice to be able to go to the NHRA Motrorsports Museum. Thanks to Sherry at the museum, we were allowed to park our cars in front of the museum, take pictures, and leave the cars parked here while we were inside. How awesome is that?

    Our small caravan of Nissans.

    Group shots. The last picture is my personal favorite because our cars look like RC cars with the low-to-the ground shot.

Here's some pics of individual cars.....

Some pictures of the cars inside the museum.

UZW Day 2

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