Club Z Ultimate Z Weekend

ZCCA Z Convention

Torrance, CA

June 17-20, 2004

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


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Created: 6/17/2004
Last updated: 6/17/2004

For day two, we had two things planned:

1) Trip to Super Autobacs, a Japanese car parts superstore and the Petersen Auto Museum. It was nice to take a leisurely cruise on city streets to avoid traffic, but we hit a ton of traffic on the street leading up to the Petersen Museum. We just can win with traffic in SoCal can we?

    Pics from the cruise to Super Autobacs.

    The front of Super Autobacs.

    Shots of Club Z Member's cars.

    Sticker that only a select few got from the Twin banquet. The green "n" represents that we are noobs, which in forum speak means that we are forum rookies. We have little or no knowledge about posting and such. But, in fact, we are veterans, so you see the irony. I'm keeping mine because I've been selected and it's a rare sticker. ;-)

    The club just hanging out in front.

    Mike seeking liquid nourishment.

    Glenn succumbing to the ancient California tradition of using the cell phone.

    Some guys that came by the store later on.

    Hey Spencer, smile you are on candid camera. One of many spy shots that we will get of Spencer.


The following are pictures from inside the museum itself. There were a lot of nice cars, dioramas, and historical information inside the museum. If you have never been to this museum and you are a car nut, do yourself a favor and stop by the museum.

    Hot Wheel's famous Twin Mill.

    Hot Wheel's famous Deora I.

    Hot Wheel's famous Deora II.

    Chrysler's turbine powered prototype car.

    First generation Batmobile from the original TV series.

    Second generation Batmobile II from the motion pictures.

    Herbie from the Herbie goes Bananas movies.

    Speed Racer's Mach 5.

    One of the early Indy race cars that Otto and I managed to squeeze into and climb out of.

Another awesome SoCal day in the books.


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