Club Z Ultimate Z Weekend

ZCCA Z Convention

Torrance, CA

June 17-20, 2004

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


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Created: 6/17/2004
Last updated: 6/17/2004

This year's Z Convention, or ZCON as it is affectionately known, will be held at the Nissan Headquarters in Torrance, California. The ZCON itself is a convention that is held at different venues every year. In years past, it has been in Texas, and other cities. This year, Club Z  headed down to Torrance, California to join in the hoopla and the celebration that surrounds the  annual  roving Z Convention,  sponsored by the  ZCCA (Z Car Clubs of America), Group Z of Southern California, and Nissan of North America. Here are some pictures from the first day.

This is where the North Bay people met. Joe, Tasha, Robbie, Abel, Janet, Salah, and Don.

    Cool classic.

Ron's NA in action.

    Shots of the group at the gas station.

    Shots of the cars at the Willow Ranch Restaurant in Buttonwillow.

    Chevy SSR sport truck.

Dale's TT in action.

    Nice lowered Chrysler 300C.


My TT without any blue tape and the bra.

    Dale's TT parked at the hotel.

    Ron's NA.

    Yuichi's 350Z.

    Don's 350Z.

    A place that was advertising scissor wing installs for $1800.00.


Pictures from the Show and Shine and Banquet

    Ryan's (aka SeedyRom) TT.

    Vince's TT.

    Ron's NA.

    Dean's TT.

    My TT.

    Interior wall of the main ballroom.

    Nick and....

    One of the Z gurus... Greg Dupree.

    Dale and Yuichi.

    Amir and Glenn.

Some of the attendees.

    The awards and trophies.

    Ryan et al.

    Some of the peeps hamming it up in front of the camera.

    Seb and Greg Dupree.

    Charles Park and wife.

    Dark pictures of Greg.

    Alcohol, face stuffing, and more face stuffing.

    Dark picture of Damon.

    Mad Mike.


    Salah stuffing his face. ;-P

Officially rolling out some new changes in front of the attendees: polls, and the ability to add your own caption to your bookmarks.

    Greg and Damon receiving some goodies from the Ultimate Z Club of Japan.

    Bad picture of a very cool painting given to Greg and Damon.

    My Z  won 1st place for best Z of the Show and Shine and I also won the "Japanese Choice" award for best Z voted on by the visitors from Japan.

    Picture courtesy of NewportZ.

Thanks to all the people that worked tirelessly to make the 2nd meet a success. Thanks to Damon, Greg, Ryan, and all the support people that I haven't mentioned. You guys and gals all rock. Also, thanks to the numerous vendors and forum sponsors for donating all the prizes for the raffle:

Yuichi at Kuruma Z (a Club Z member too ;-) ), Ionic Dynamics, Greg Dupree, 300 Degree, Charles Park, Kyle at Strictly Z (a Club Z member too;-) ), Z1 Motorsports, Ryan Ehdaie, the store, Ultimate Z Club of Japan, and others that I didn't mention.

UZW Day 2

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